Over the past two weeks it has been a delight to watch our children work and play together.  They were all so eager to plant the garden.  Linda had to pull out all her teacher skills to get the plants safely in the ground.  It is so good for us to get down and dirty and connect with God’s good earth.  Last week after church they were all playing games together, younger ones being cared for and included, older ones taking responsibility and leadership.  Our children are for us a model of Christian community.  This month we are owning our history as a church and society that failed to live out our Christian faith in our relations with our First Nation brothers and sisters.  We can learn from our failures and see a bright future in our children when we all come together to seek the common good.

Don’t forget the garage sale on Saturday, a chance to give what don’t need and find what you do need and meet your neighbours in the process.  See you then and in worship on Sunday.


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